Travel 503 1.5hp for boats up to 750kg

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Product description

With its integrated lithium battery and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is the clean alternative to a small petrol outboard. The Travel can do everything that a 1.5 HP outboard motor can. But it's lighter, cleaner, quieter and more convenient.

The Travel easily propels tenders, dinghies and day sailers up to 0.75 tons and – when it's needed – over long distances, too.

It's also something of an expert when it comes to communication, too. It discloses its most important information to you, connects with your smartphone and can be charged from a standard power outlet, form a 12 V connection or from a solar charger.

Latest versions of the Travel can now charge other electrical devices for you, as well. The batteries are now equipped with a USB adapter, allowing your mobile phone, laptops and other equipment to share the Travel's abundant battery capacity.

  • As powerful as a 1.5Hp petrol outboard
  • Long-lasting high performance lithium battery included
  • Integrated on-board computer with real-time GPS and display of remaining range, speed, charging status
  • Extremely light compared to a petrol outboard - only 14.4Kg including the battery
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Carry a spare battery if you want to and change over in just seconds, much easier than refueling
  • Charge battery at home and arrive at your boat with a full charge every time, no fuel to 'go-off' or petrol smells!
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