Autotether™ Screamer wireless alarm system


Product description

Autotether™ Screamer is a wireless alarm system for sailboats, towed dinghys, pools, beaches and campsites. The Screamer sounds an alarm when any of the sensors are submerged in water or go beyond 150 feet from the receiver. 

Using cutting edge RF technology it tracks the wireless sensors and when the signal is broken between the receiver and the sensors it sounds a pulsating alarm of 105 decibels. This product is especially valuable for the beach, pools and campsites to keep your children from straying too far away or going into the water without supervision.

Monitor Up to 4 Individuals
Never again worry about your child’s (or pet’s) safety on the water, near the pool, or at the beach or campground. Just clip a Screamer sensor to his or her clothes and, if the child ventures outside of a 150 foot radius or goes underwater, the alarm will sound.

Portable & Easy to Use
The Screamer Wireless Alarm System is so easy-to-use you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. The sensing devices are lightweight and can be easily attached to clothing or personal floatation devices while the receiver base easily fits into a bag. Take it anywhere and know your loved ones are protected.

Alert Crew Members
Night sailing is now safer with the Screamer Wireless Alarm System. A small sensor worn by crew members triggers a 105-decibel alarm if it’s submerged. Sailors can also manually trigger the system by holding down a panic button on their sensor, which sounds the 105-decibel alarm and alerts the crew to the need for assistance. The portability of the receiver also allows it to be carried below deck or wherever the alarm needs to be heard.Track Dinghy-In-Tow
No one wants to check on their dinghy only to see it floating away from them (or worse, gone entirely). Keep your dinghy-in-tow safe by attaching the Screamer sensor to notify you if the dinghy breaks loose and drifts more than 150 feet away, or becomes submerged.

Product Specifications

Waterproof: To NEMA 6P
Microcontrollers/Radio: 2.4 GHz Band
Typical Battery Life: Up to 150 Hours (Reg.) or 300 Hours (Alkaline)
Typical Range: Up to 150 Feet
Host Dimensions: 3 ¾” x 2 ¾” x ¾”
Host Batteries: (6) AAA Batteries
Sensor Dimensions: 3 ⅛” x 1 ½” x ¾”
Sensor Batteries: (3) AAA Batteries
Certifications: FCC, CE
Condition New