Autotether™ Marine wireless kill-switch


Product description

Autotether™ Marine is a lanyard-free wireless kill switch that quickly turns off the motor if the operator falls overboard and will sound an 85 decibel alarm if one of the passengers goes into the water. The device allows the operator and passengers to enjoy unrestricted movement on a boat without sacrificing vital marine safety.

No wiring needed!
Autotether™ Marine is portable & easy to fit with no need to interfere with the engine wiring loom. Simply mount the host receiver near the helm and attach the clip to your boat's kill switch and that's it.

Protects more than just the helmsperson
Autotether™ Marine can simultaneously monitor and protect up to 4 Individuals
By simply wearing a light-weight sensor, everyone including your passengers, your children, your pets and you have an extra measure of safety while enjoying the day boating.

Unrestricted Movement
Autotether™ Marine operates without a physical cord tying the operator to the boat. The connection is wireless between you, your passengers and the boat’s kill switch. The Autotether Marine safely eliminates the red cord giving you unrestricted movement about the boat, whilst utilising the existing engine kill switch.
Compatible with most commonly used outboard makes

Compatible with your boats kill switch
Autotether™ Marine is supplied complete with 5 different outboard kill switch clips ensuring complete compatibility with your existing outboard kill switch

Transfer from boat to boat
​​​​​​​Use on more than one boatAutotether™ Marine is portable and can be used from boat to boat with the appropriate clip thus saving you money and providing safety on whichever boat you are using - even hire boats!

Product Specifications
Waterproof: To NEMA 6P
Microcontrollers/Radio: 2.4 GHz Band
Typical Battery Life: Up to 150 Hours (Reg.) or 300 Hours (Alkaline)
Typical Range: Up to 150 Feet
Host Dimensions: 3 ¾” x 2 ¾” x ¾”
Host Batteries: (6) AAA Batteries
Sensor Dimensions: 3 ⅛” x 1 ½” x ¾”
Sensor Batteries: (3) AAA Batteries
Certifications: FCC, CE
Condition New