All about Torqeedo outboards

Torqeedo - Electric Outboard Pioneers 

All Electric Marine represent only one brand of electric outboard motor - Torqeedo. The reason for being so selective?  Quite simple really, we believe the Torqeedo range of electric outboards represent the best in terms of reliability, range, power and quality.

Torqeedo started life in 2005 and today offers outboards and inboards, electric motors and hybrid drive systems ranging from 1hp to 80hp.  There are also all sorts of functional and innovative accessories ranging from lithium batteries and solar charging equipment and even a dedicated app for your phone. 

Electric outboards transform your powered experience out on the water. When compared to a petrol outboard they offer many advantages including:-

Electric Outboard FAQ's:-

Battery Range
(Otherwise known as the "Will it get me back to shore?" question!)

Probably the most asked question with an electric outboard is battery life and range. Torqeedo electric outboards deliver more propulsive power than any other outboards.  

As with a petrol powered outboard, the faster you go, the more 'fuel' you'll use.  However, even the smallest model in the Torqeedo range, the aptly named Ultralight, is capable of travelling at up to 10km/hour and covering a distance of up to 40km.

For extra peace of mind, an on-board computer provides a real-time readout of speed and remaining range allowing you to judge the appropriate speed to distance you wish to travel.

Does the battery need to be fully discharged before I can recharge it?

A nice and easy answer:- No,it doesn't make any difference. This is because lithium batteries have no memory effect, i.e. you can fully recharge your batter after each trip regardless of the remaining charge level.

Is the battery waterproof?

A good question and the answer is Yes!  All Torqeedo batteries are completely waterproof to IP67 and each battery is individually tested as it leaves the factory.  Whether connected to the motor or not, any connections or cable connectors are also completely waterproof to IP67.

How long does a lithium battery last?

Ages!  Torqeedo like to have the batteries back for a service once they are 8 years old, so that should give you a pretty good idea of battery life expectancy.  For recreational use, the service life of Torqeedo batteries is virtually independent of the number of times it is charged. Batteries do loose some efficiency over time and this affects their capacity.  Torqeedo batteries are anticipated to loose no more than 4% of capacity per year. 

Which Torqeedo outboard should I consider as an alternative to a small petrol outboard?

Probably the most common application for a Torqeedo electric outboard is as a replacement for a petrol auxiliary and it's not difficult to see why.  

Small petrol outboards are typically twice the weight and if used as a back up to the main engine, they are rarely started or run until they are needed, whereupon it's a small matter of when they were last used as to if they start! 

The Travel range

The Travel range of electric outboards are probably the most popular choice for either an auxiliary or tender outboard.  They are not only light in weight, but also quick and easy to mount and store.  Unlike a petrol outboard, there is no need to worry about which way round to lay them down to avoid fuel leaks.  Furthermore, because the battery can quickly and easily be removed for home charging, you can arrive at your boat with a fully charged battery each and every time you take to the water.  

Can I see one in operation before I buy?

Yes, you can!  We have a Travel outboard fitted as an auxiliary on our demonstration boat which is based in Falmouth and are happy to take you out for a demonstration.