About Us

Welcome to All Electric Marine

Based in Cornwall, we are an authorised distributor for the range of Torqeedo electric outboards and Autotether marine safety systems.  As you may have guessed from our company name, we love all things propelled by electric power.  We are early adopters of electric vehicles and when traffic is too heavy and we feel like some fresh air we even get around on electric bikes. 

Torqeedo Outboards

All Electric Marine represent only one brand of electric outboard motor - Torqeedo. The reason for being so selective?  Quite simple really, we believe the Torqeedo range of electric outboards represent the best in terms of reliability, range, power and quality.

Electric outboards transform your powered experience out on the water. When compared to a petrol outboard they offer many advantages including:-
If you are considering the purchase of an electric outboard and are curious about it's ability to power your boat, the battery range, or ease of use, then we have a demonstration boat fitted with a Torqeedo Travel which we're happy to take you out on and let you experience the delights of silent electrical power for yourself.


Autotether solves the problem of moving about your boat whilst still attached to the kill cord. A traditional kill cord restricts movement to such an extent that trying to pull in or put out a fender can kill the engine, just when you need it most to be able to manoeuvre your boat. 

Unlike other automatic kill switch systems which require an electronics engineer or outboard specialist to fit an immobiliser to your boat, Autotether utilises the existing kill switch already fitted to your boat.

Autotether is an electronic lanyard which replaces the kill cord and communicates to a keyfob carried on you and your crew.  If someone falls overboard the Autotether system automatically disconnects from the kill switch and your engine is shut down allowing safe entry to your boat. No wiring is required and it can even be moved from boat to boat should you wish to take it with you.
Should you be interested to see the Autotether automatic kill cord system in operation we will be happy to demonstrate it on our boat in Falmouth, although we don't promise to jump overboard each time we want to show you how it works!